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Coming Soon ... Movie Maker 2 tutorial
News 5/12/03

We're working on a new video course ... covering Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 program! If you've not heard of Movie Maker, it's the latest version of the free video editing program that comes with Windows XP.

If you run Windows XP (home or professional) and have any interest in learning to edit your home videos, you HAVE to check out Movie Maker 2. It's an amazingly simply program, and by far the easiest program available for editing video clips. Unless you need the full-blown capabilities of a $400 dollar program like Adobe Premiere, MM2 is the for you.

Unfortunately, the program is only available on the XP platform, so not everyone can use it ... so we plan on covering other inexpensive video editors in future training products.

It's going to take a few weeks to put the videos together. If you're interested in this tutorial, send us an email and we'll e-mail you when the videos go live. You can reach us at: