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Coming Soon ... PhotoShop Elements 2
News 7/4/03

That's right ... another training course is coming soon! We're putting the finishing touches on our new training series: Introduction to PhotoShop Elements 2

PhotoShop Elements is Adobe’s latest image editing program for the home user … it is a simplified and easy-to-learn version of their popular PhotoShop 7 program designed for the novice digital photographer.

Using Elements, you can:

  1. Adjust your photos brightness and color balance
  2. Add and remove people and objects from your picture
  3. Retouch your photos, removing “blemishes and red-eye
  4. Add type captions, and cartoon “word balloons”
  5. Print your own photos, create greeting cards
  6. Email your final photo creations to friends!

And all it takes is a few mouse clicks! It's going to be at least a week before the tutorial is up, but if you'd like us to email you the minute it does go live, drop us a note at: