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Home-made special effects:
Viper Spit

Last updated 5-19-03

Here’s a silly special effect you can perform using only a garden hose. In this effect, one of your kung-fu fighters will shoot a deadly stream of "viper spit" out of his mouth ... blinding his opponent, and making victory almost certain.

The establishing shot is important in this effect, because a random "viper spit" looks kinda odd. Establish your scene by having your attacker go into a "viper spit stance." Have your attacker open his mouth wide open and jut his head forward.

Immediately stop the tape, and give your attacker the garden hose. Position the hose so that it seems to shoot water from the attacker's mouth. Keep the hose hidden from the camera ... in the picture below, the attacker is holding the hose with his hidden left hand.

Start filming again … but get a closer shot of the head so you can really see that “viper spit” come flying out. Finally, film your victim being hit by water and rolling around on the ground while rubbing his eyes.

From personal experience, I've found this effect to be quite messy, as you are pouring water all over the backyard. It helps to use one of those "gun-squirter handles" as this will save water and make the spray come out more forcefully.

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