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Tips and Tricks:
Helpful articles and advice

Here are some helpful articles that we've written to help you learn the basics of PowerPoint and digital video. These articles all have "pre-approved" reprint rights (listed at the bottom of the page). You are free to copy the article to your site or newsletter (as long as you attach the associated bi-line).

PowerPoint XP (2002)

  1. 24-step PowerPoint Tutorial (25 articles)
    We've written a large collection of powerpoint tutorials, tips, and tricks, that should get you up in running in no time! These articles are rough transcripts from our PowerPoint video training course, so if you find them helpful, you might want to check out the videos.

General home-video tips

  1. Should you get a digital camcorder?
    Analogue camcorders are getting cheaper, so should you spring for digital?
  2. Camcorder features to look for
    What are the important features ... and what's just "window dressing?"
  3. System Tweaks
    Is your computer even fast enough to edit video?
  4. Burn your own VCDs
    A cheap alternative to burning DVDs ... but is it for you?
  5. Make your own Kung-Fu Movie!
    Use these special effects to film your own karate movie in your backyard!

MovieMaker 2.0

  1. Movie Maker help section (20 articles)
    Check out our growing MovieMaker 2 help section, and learn how to edit video on your computer using Microsoft's free video editor. If you run Windows XP, and have any inkling to start editing video on your home computer, you have to check these articles!.

Web Design

  1. HTML tricks (12 articles)
    We've compiled a collection of hard-to-find html tricks. Here we show you how to disable the right-mouse button, change your link color, create custom mailto and bookmark links, and more.