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Home-made special effects:
The "Jedi force move"

Last updated 5-19-03

You know those cool StarWars Jedi powers … where Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan move objects and retrieve their dropped light-sabers using only their mystical mind power? Well, now your kids can do it too … and it’s really easy to accomplish! The trick is to run everything in reverse in your computer editing software.

Here's one of the simplest examples. In this scene, we're going to make our fighters fighting sticks leap up into their hands.

Establish the scene by having your fighters hold their hands over their weapons (which are currently laying on the ground). Next, film your kids holding their weapons in their outstretched hands and have them drop the weapons to the ground one at a time.

When you run this in reverse, the weapons will appear to leap off the ground into their hands. This effect is great for making all kinds of things fly into your little Jedi fighter’s hands.

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