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Home-made special effects:
The matrix wall run

Last updated 5-19-03

Here's a really funny gymnastic effect. One of your fighters will run along a wall in order to get behind his opponent. You might have seen similar effects done by Jackie Chan or an extreme version of this in the movie “Matrix.”

All you need for this effect is a wall to run on and a chair.

Establish your shot by showing both fighters facing each other. Then, have your runner run toward the wall and try to leap onto it feet first. Obviously, your kids aren't going to be able to do this, and they’ll probably just hit the wall with their feet and slide back down to the ground. That’s OK … we'll cut that part out.

Next, place a chair or stool next to the wall, and have your kid lay on it sideways, so that his feet are touching the wall. Mount your camcorder so you can film his feet and legs as they scuttle across the wall.

Finally, film your wall runner coming off the wall and turning back into a fighting position.

When you edit these three clips together, it looks very realistic. This is one of the funniest effects and always gets a laugh from audiences.

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