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Read what others have to say about our PowerPoint training videos.

Here are excerpts from recent e-mail that past customers have sent us.

“ … just wanted to write and let you know that I enjoyed your PowerPoint training site. The videos are very good, and made it easy for me to design my first slideshow. Definitely worth the price, and I will recommend you to my co-workers.”
- Carrington P.

“I didn't realize Powerpoint had all those extra features like animations and movies. Great stuff!!”
- John C.

“... what a easy way to learn! Watching the videos made it easy to pick up PowerPoint. I actually sat through most of the videos in one session. If only there were training videos like this for everything I do. Make more videos!”
- Alex B.

“I give presentations all the time, but never used PowerPoint (still working with a projector). I was a little skeptical with this video training as I’ve never watched videos on the internet. They turned out to be usefull -- much more than the book I bought ...”
- Carolyn R.

“I like how the videos seem unscripted, they are very conversational. I’ve seen a couple other video training products (for other software) but the narrator sounded like a robot because she was reading a prewritten script. I like this format much better … "
- Steve B.

“Thanks guys. Hope you make more videos soon!"
- Morgan F.

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