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Changing the Order of your PowerPoint slides
The following article is a transcript from a our video product, "Intro to Powerpoint XP."

At some point during the creation process you’re going to want to change the order of your slides. There are a couple ways you can do this.

The Traditional (Old) Way
1. One way to rearrange slides is via the "slide sorter view". At the bottom of the outline view there is a tiny button. When you click this button, you be taken to the “Slide Sorter View.” This view is useful, because it gives you large thumbnails of your slides that you can grab and move around. You can switch back into "normal view" by clicking the tiny “Normal View” button. You can also toggle back and forth between these views by going up into the menu and clicking [View - SlideSorter].

The "New and Improved" Way
An easier way to move slides (in PowerPoint 2002) is to simply use the "slide view tab." Just grab the slide in question and move it up and down. This is how I prefer to rearrange slides -- I only go into the “official slide sorter” when rearranging photo-albums or when adding fancy effects like transitions and animations (we’ll talk about these in future videos).

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