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Home-made video effects:
Stab through the gut

Last updated 5-19-03

Simulating a sword stab through the stomach is another easy effect, and doesn't involve any props other than a toy sword and some clever editing. The setup for this effect is similar to the head jab effect.

Have your attacker stand further from the camera and have him stab "behind" (relative to the camcorder) the victim. The victim should double-over as if he was just impaled by 2 feet of cold steel.

Now, cut to a close-up of the victim's face as he gasps in shock from the pain.

To prepare the next shot, placing the sword under the arm of the victim (so that it stays in place on its own). Then, film the attacker pulling the sword back out of the victim's body.

This effect looks seamless when edited correctly. You can even "ham things up" a little by having your impaled victim stumble around with the sword under his arm. After the sword is removed, your dying fighter can fall to his knees and speak his final words.

Most of the plastic swords you'll find in toy stores are too short and don't look very realistic, so you might want to check the online halloween websites for a better sword selection. If you can't find an appropriate toy sword, you can always make your own by painting a wooden dowel with black and silver spray paint. I've improvised by using metal tent poles as swords -- they look and sound great, but the metal poles can be hard on the kid's knuckles.

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