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Home-made video effects:
The last-minute sword block

Last updated 5-19-03

Here’s a fun special effect that combines several techniques that we’ve already discussed. In this stunt, one of our fighters will fall to the ground, and the other will “finish him off” with his spear. However, at the last moment, the doomed fighter will block the spear with his quick reflexes and incredible hand strength.

Here’s how it works.

Prepare your scene by placing the fallen fighter on the ground. Now, place the attacker near him, but several yards away from the camera. The video camera has no depth perception, so it looks like the fighters are actually next to each other.

Next, instruct your attacker to passionatly strike the ground in front of him with his spear. It will look like he’s impalling his fallen enemy. Hopefully, you’ve placed your kids far enough apart so that there is no chance of them actually hitting each other.

Finally, we’re going to film the sword being blocked. To accomplish this, we are going to film this clip and reverse it when we edit on our computer. Place the spear in the fallen fighters hands and have him hold the spear end close to his face. Then, instruct your attacking fighter to pull the spear away from him. Finally, have your the fallen fighter quickly drop his hand to his side.

When you reverse this film, the spear will come flying down, and the fallen fighter will stop the spear with his hands, inches away from certain disfigurement.

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