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Home-made special effects:
The mid-air collision

Last updated 5-19-03

If you've ever watched Saturday morning cartoons or a fighting movie like “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, there’s always a fighting scene where two opponents fly through the air with swords drawn, attack each other in mid-air, before falling to the ground and recovering. In the movies this flying effect is done with supporting guy wires, but you can simulate this special effect in your own backyard.

Have your opponents run toward each other waving their weapons.

Mount your camera on the ground, and instruct each kid to run and jump OVER the camera.

Now, film the kids jumping past each other.

And finally, film each kid hitting the ground, rolling, and standing up.

When you edit it all together, you get a great mid-air clash. You can accentuate the actual point of contact, with a sword-clang sound effect. You could even put a few frames of white at the point of contact, as if the impact created a flash of light.

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