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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Movie Maker 2
MM2 is Microsoft’s latest video editor for the Windows XP platform. It is a major upgrade to the pre-installed movie maker program, and allows you to edit video on your computer and export it as a WMV file or into raw DV-AVI film. To read our review of MM2, click here.

2. Isn’t Movie Maker 2 already installed on my system?
No. Microsoft didn’t finish mm2 until Windows XP had already shipped, so you will need to install this new upgrade. It is available free at this web-site address.

3. I run an older version of Windows … will Movie Maker 2 work for me?
Unfortunatly, no. Movie Maker 2 only works under the Windows XP (home and professional) operating system.

4. I use a Macintosh. Is this a problem?
Yes. Movie Maker 2 only works with the Windows XP operating system. For the Mac, we recommend trying the program iMovie, or Quicktime Pro.

5. What is this MightyCoach Movie Maker training?
We’ve recorded 36 short training videos (each 3-6 minutes long) that walk you step-by-step through using MovieMaker 2. These videos are “screen-capture videos” … you watch as the instructor works with MovieMaker on your computer’s screen. The course covers all the basics of making your first videos … everything from capturing video onto your computer, editing video, applying video effects, and exporting a final movie. Click here for a complete list of the topics covered.

6. Do I need to install anything?
Yes. In order to use the MM2 program, you will need to install the Movie Maker 2 program that is available free from Microsoft. As part of the MovieMaker installation, you may also need to install the latest Windows Media Video codecs.

The training videos themselves are encoded as Apple Quicktime movies. If you have problems viewing them, you may need to install the latest (and free) quicktime player.

7. Do I need sound?
Definitely … without sound, these videos will be very boring and won’t make sense. Make sure you can hear sound when you watch the sample videos.

8. Do I need a fast internet connection
The faster your internet connection, the faster the videos will begin playing. We set up the videos so that they'll start playing before they finish downloading. A standard 56k modem connection will be sufficient ... however, you may have to wait a minute for the video to download.
Test the speed of your connection by watching the sample videos. These sample videos are exactly like the videos in the rest of the package … so if they load and play at sufficient speed, then they all should. You should look especially at the WMV files, as this is the format the final movies are offered in.

9. How long can I access the videos?
You can access the videos anytime, from any computer, for 3 months (90 days) after the day you signed up. Watch them as many times as you’d like during this period.

10. Can I cancel membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership. However, our credit card partner, ClickBank, has set rules about refunds ... so we aren't allowed to make guarantee promises. Here is the "official" ClickBank policy:
"ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days all sales are final."
From past experience, however, ClickBank has been very good about giving full refunds as long as you request it within 90 days. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail us and we'll try to answer any concerns.

11. Is this a subscription service? Will my credit card be re-billed monthly?
No. This is a one-time purchase. The $25 fee gives you three-month access to the videos. Your credit card won't be charged again.

12. I forgot my username and password!
Contact us, and we’ll look your name up in our database and resend your password to you. It might speed things up if you also forward your ClickBank receipt. You can e-mail us at:

13. Can I change my username or password

Not really. But if you have an important reason why you need to, send us an email and we’ll manually change it for you.

14. It’s been 24 hours and I still haven’t received my password/username by email.
After you made payment through clickbank, you should have been forwarded to a webpage where you are assigned a temporary password/username. You can use this temporary access information until we forward you a permanent username/password. If you aren’t forwarded to this page, please email us right away, and we’ll send you the log-in information.

15. How can I pay for membership
We accept orders through our partner, ClickBank. ClickBank is a world leader in online credit card transaction and has a great track-record. They currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

16. Is there any other way we can pay?
Payment through ClickBank is preferred as it’s the easiest way and will allow you to access the videos immediately. If there is a reason you can’t use ClickBank, contact us and we’ll try to set up another way to purchase.

17. ClickBank won't process my order because my credit card billing address is different than my shipping address.
This is a known problem, and we sympathize with you. In an effort to decrease computer fraud, ClickBank logs the location of your computer, and if it is different than the billing address on your credit card, your order won't go through.
This is a problem for people who are living out of state ((like college students or frequent travelers). Please email us, and we'll set up another method for you to purchase.