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Links to other Movie Maker 2 resources
Last updated 6-12-03

While we would love for you to purchase our own online MovieMaker course, we realize it's not for everyone. Besides, you might run into a question that this site don't cover!

So here is a list of other free Movie Maker 2 resources online.

Movie Maker Reviews

Helpful forums and newsgroups

Movie Maker 2 Tutorials

  • PapaJohn's MovieMaker 2 website
    This site has a ton of information on MovieMaker. PapaJohn is very active on the MovieMaker Newsgroups and forums, and has organized much of the information from those sources.
  • Microsoft's Help site
    This is Microsoft's own help-site for Movie Maker 2 ... and it is pretty extensive, though a little biased toward their own video formats. Click the links under "Do Amazing Things" to access the tutorials, and see a couple of screen-capture videos.

Other useful resources

  • KungFu construction set
    This is our own special effects page, where you can learn simple camcorder special effects you can do at home.

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Go right ahead! You can even copy and use the pictures. We only ask that you include the following sentence (and link) at the bottom of the article:
You can find more useful home-video "tips and tricks" like this one at www.mightycoach.com - they even have an online-video course that teaches you to edit video on your home computer!

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