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Add music to your video using Movie Maker 2
Last updated 6-11-03

A music background can really spice up a home movie. Music is easy to apply on your computer with a program like Movie Maker 2. In fact, this program has as audio track specifically for music … all you have to do is import a song and drop it onto the music track in the timeline. It’s really easy.

After your song is in place, you can trim the end of the song (so that it is the same length as the video) and adjust the volume so it doesn’t drown out your video.You can use any song for your video, and some are perfect for home videos. Some of these include:

  • The Bear Necessities (Disney’s Jungle Book) -- great for the zoo or any video with animals
  • Under the Sea (Disney’s Little Mermaid) -- perfect for the beach or water sports
  • Yellow Submarine (Beetles) -- water sports or the aquarium
  • I want to ride my bicycle (Queen) – kids on bikes
  • Born to be wild -- the ultimate driving music
  • The Little Rascals – useful for any kid movie (they just released a “little rascals” soundtrack that you can find at amazon.com)

Where can you find these songs? Moviemaker 2 can import most sound formats, including MP3 songs … so you can find most songs on the internet with a file sharing program like Kazaa (I recommend “Kazaa lite”) though this isn’t entirely legal. If you already own a CD with a song you like, you can always import that song onto your computer using Windows Media Player. If you need royalty free songs, you’ll need to find royalty free CD collection or online buy-out music (these are typically expensive, though).

A simple background music can turn a dull, monotonous video into a snappy musical montage … you just need to find a song you like and stick it in.

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